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Midway Road Project
Development and Environment (PD&E) Study

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The study started in May 2015 and is expected to be completed in April 2017. This schedule shows some of the key milestones for the study.

midway road schedule


Understanding Key Terms

  1. Environmental & Engineering Data Collection is a review of existing conditions, traffic counts, existing and future land use, drainage, wetlands, endangered species habitat, potential contamination sites, traffic noise levels, and air quality.
  2. Kick-off Meeting is a meeting to introduce the project to the public, interested stakeholders and agencies, and to invite these interested parties to learn more about the study process. The Kick-off Meeting for this study took place on August 18, 2015.
  3. Environmental & Engineering Analysis is conducted to develop alternatives that meet the needs of the project area, and are environmentally responsible, socially acceptable, and cost effective.
  4. Alternatives Public Workshop is a public meeting where interested persons, local officials, and agencies can review the different proposed alternatives for the project and provide feedback. A range of alternatives will be considered for this project including four-lane alternatives as well as a “No Build” alternative. The “No Build” or no project alternative will remain a valid alternative throughout the study process. Under the “No Build” alternative, no improvements would be made.
  5. Environmental & Engineering Documents are where evaluations are documented and the potential impacts to the natural, physical, and social environments are assessed, including wildlife habitat, public lands, wetland locations, archaeological and historic sites, and community issues and concerns.
  6. Public Hearings are required for all federal and state funded major transportation improvements prior to a final decision being made on the project. This meeting allows the public, interested stakeholders, and agencies to comment on the project for the official public record.
  7. Location and Design Concept Acceptance is when the preferred location and design for the roadway will be determined. A PD&E study is finalized when the Federal Highway Administration reviews the documentation and recommendations and then provides a Location and Design Concept Acceptance.