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Midway Road (County Road 712) Widening Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of these projects?
The purpose of the projects is to add capacity and improve safety on Midway Road (CR 712) to accommodate project traffic demands through 2045.

What are the limits for these projects?
The limits for these projects are Midway Road (CR 712) from Glades Cut Off Road to Jenkins Road and Jenkins Road to Selvitz Road, a combined distance of approximately 1.6 miles, in St. Lucie County.

What are the planned improvements?
These design projects include widening the existing two-lane road to a four-lane divided road, adding a seven-foot bicycle lane on the north side of the project and a 12-foot bicycle/pedestrian path on the south side of the project. The design project improves safety and allows opportunities for pedestrian, bicycle and transit facilities along the segment. Additionally, the project includes replacing the existing bridge over the Florida Turnpike. The bridge replacement will require extensive coordination with the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE), St. Lucie County and St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization (TPO). In a separate study, the FTE is examining replacing the overpass with a new interchange.

Why are design plans being completed if the project is not funded for construction?
This is a priority project for St. Lucie County.  With complete design plans, this will help the two projects be considered for and receive additional funding as funding becomes available.

Is an interchange being considered at Midway Road and how does this affect the design?
The County, FDOT, St. Lucie TPO and the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) are discussing and considering a potential interchange at Midway Road and Florida’s Turnpike. As a result, the design segment from Glades Cut-Off Road to Jenkins Road (231440-4-52-01) is currently on hold. If the interchange moves forward, it will be incorporated as a separate project. The Midway Road design will resume once a decision is made (either way).

How can I get involved?          
Continue to check the project website. Sign up to received emails and information.  Ask questions and provide comments.  Attend the public workshop. You are encouraged to register to get more information on the Email Updates page of this website.

You can also review information about the project and the FDOT’s Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) screening process on the ETDM website. In the Project Search window, click on Project Number, enter the number 14177 (Midway Road Widening) and click go. Click on the Project Information tab and select what you would like to review from the drop-down menu.

For questions or comments, contact the FDOT Project Manager, Haiyan Ou, or click here to be added to the email or mailing list and receive project updates.

How can I obtain the latest project materials?
The latest materials for the Midway Road (CR 712) Widening Projects will be available on the Documents and Publications page of this website. Please check back regularly for updates.

When will the projects be built?
Construction is funded in FY2026.

What is the projected cost for these projects?
The estimated cost for both projects is $46 million.  

When is the next public meeting?
Notice of public meetings will be posted on the Public Notices page of this website. Please check back often for details on upcoming meeting locations and times.